This page is about quotes and excerpts that I found along my research.

Modern logos descend from a primeval tradition of iconography, embodying the same simplicity, directness and preoccupation with visual codification humans embraced long long ago.
Design Matters//Logos

A ‘context’ sets the stage, ‘collections’ are a series of events that together form a story, ‘context’ are key elements in the plot, and ‘connections’ are the sequence of actions that form the drama.

A ‘context’ is a landscape, ‘collections’ are possible ways to travel, ‘concepts’ are possible roads to travel on, and ‘connections’ are the movements you make through the landscape.
A ‘context’ offers a frame of meaning, ‘collections’ are a series of random ideas, ‘concepts’ are possible anchor points that are extracted from the ideas, and ‘connections’ form a flow of possible logic as we place the concepts side-by-side.
Paul Hughes
Typography exists to honour content
Robert Bringthurst
The way to stay fresh is to take on jobs that I partly don't know how to do. The jobs work best, are 50/50. Where I know half of it and the other half is no.
Stefan Sagmeister

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