This section is really some thoughts which needn't be there, but I still feel like talking about. This page is basically a vent for whatever I am experiencing through this project. One could say, like a daily journal.

18th July, 2010
I have been doing a lot of reading recently, and am still pretty confused about how to go about thinking of the brand strategies for dev kabir malik design. Since in this case my client is also my mentor, I think he is being vague on purpose, so that I have more room to think and come with ideas that are my own. He is letting me figure it out for myself. It has been a week since I started ideation about dkm from scratch, and I am doing better now. I am now working on a master mind map with all my ideas, and tomorrow we will take it from there. 

As it turns out, the scope of the project still remains a "mystery" as opposed to what I have labelled as "deliverables" on my brief page. The scope depends very much on this mind map that I am going to be churning out. I just hope that it is the right direction.


19th July, 2010
It sometimes just takes a few minutes to get things clearer and have a direction. After spending a week on brand strategy and positioning, I can now move onto the actual designing of the logo. I am working with typographic integration which would serve as a symbol for dkm. 

24th July, 2010
It has been five whole days. Working with a design studio has its good points and bad. The bad is that my diploma is not the only thing that I have to work on. There are other small assignments which I have to take care of. Most of my last three days have gone in that, and now I am truly panicking.
It is going slow. No matter how hard I try, I have still not managed to come up with a decent amount of type integration options to show my client. At this point, only a brain wave can save me :(


26th July, 2010
As I have mentioned before, I have been doing other work simultaneously since my project is more like an internship. Yesterday, 3 of the illustrations I worked on were published in The Sunday Guardian, a weekly newspaper. Though this means that I have to work extra hard on my diploma in order to handle everything, I am just very excited about these editorials and thought of mentioning it. Will upload images soon. 


10th August, 2010
I am completely stuck. After the review meeting I was really discouraged, and though I tried not to be, I could not really lie to myself could I? What am I supposed to do? If nothing one thing is clear... It is time to not take this as an assignment. Thats what I have been doing up till now I think, I am going start thinking afresh again. 
Best of Luck to me.


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