Friday, October 22, 2010

Panel Discussion 3

Being at the refinement stage, the feedback today mainly revolved around the details of the project and the importance of presentation.

I have listed below the feedback for each of the products.

Identity Crisis Book:

-       There should be breaks in the monotony
-       The cover page portrays a confused hierarchy, which needs to be fixed
-       The placing of the parallel men need to be thought about instead of being placed on intuition.
-       The rope on the last page should be extended
-       There could be similar iterations on the same page
-       When the final logo is displayed, it should look as if it is the chosen one. Perhaps some sort of specifications could come alone with the page.
-       On the cover page, I should give myself credit

Brand Manual

-       The cover needs to be refined in terms of margins, placement of the pig and the abstractness of the sky
-       Some of the headings need to be kerned properly

-       Impossibility poster has too many words, there could be fewer.
-       Placement o type and layout
-       Minor adjustments to make the message clearer
-       The size of the Newspaper poster should be reconsidered.


-       The cover should be in sync with what is inside which is not the case right now

-       Think of how the whole package will work together
-       How the two books will look together in terms of size.
-       How everything will be presented.

-       There are a lot of ideas that are just doodles, and hence need to be digitised properly for the documentation.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Some fun badges and stamps using the pig.


I like the overall look of this poster, especially since it doesn't directly link to the identity and is independent of the pig.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A whole lot of things part 5

Poster/tshirt artwork: My Brain is your publisher

A whole lot of things part 4

impossible landscapes: poster

A whole lot of things part 3

Official collaterals for the studio

A Whole lot of things part 2

The little book of logos, printed, checked, and corrected. However, the single spread pdf just refuses to publish certain elements, hence there is an annoying line on every page instead of a light grid, which is there because all my iterations took place on that kind of paper and I decided to bring forth that element in the final book.

A whole lot of things part 1

Final logo, lettering & pattern

Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying Pig is being impossible as always

More refining.
Well, there were a few problems with the previous one,
this is the next stage of refinement, where the shape has been further simplified
and stylised.